It can be daunting to sell your house. There is so much to do in order to prepare the house for sale and there may be conflicting advice from family and friends about how to make the most of the sale. These tips for selling your house will ensure you don’t make a mistake!

Stick to Small Home Repairs

Ask yourself and your agent whether you will get the return on your investment before you make major changes to your home before selling. You most likely won’t get the money back that you are putting into the project. You should stick to making small changes like painting or changing light fixtures that will create an amazing first impression to potential buyers.

Advice Before Selling Your House

Depersonalize the Space

Your furniture and décor may be your favorite, but they can distract buyers from the important areas of your home. It is a good idea to get rid of all personal items (such as pet items and family photographs) and take as much as possible off your bathroom and kitchen countertops. Ask a trusted friend or family member for their opinion if you aren’t sure if you have staged your home properly.

Be Prepared to Show Your Home at All Times

The numbers are important in the sales world, especially when you are selling your home. If your house is seen by many people, it will be more likely to sell quickly at a fair price. You should be ready to let people see your house without much notice and ensure the house is kept clean at all times. If you have pets, be prepared to take them to a different location while the house is being viewed.

Advice Before Selling Your House

Take a Step Back

Selling to someone is not something that anyone likes. Buyers want to have the opportunity to evaluate your home and make an honest assessment of it before they come to visit, which is impossible to do if you or your family are in the house. Although it’s not always easy to do, be prepared to go somewhere else when potential buyers visit your home.

Photos Will Help in Selling Your House

Most home buyers start their search on the Internet, especially first-time home buyers. You may lose the ability to attract home buyers if you don’t have many high-quality photos of your house to display online.

Advice Before Selling Your Home

Think About Selling Your House During a Slow Period

Were you advised to wait until spring before selling your home? Although it is true that most home sales occur in spring, homes must still be purchased. More buyers may be enticed by your house if you list it at a slower time of the year due to the smaller amount of options available.

Advice Before Selling Your Home

Research Fair Pricing For Houses Like Yours

It’s tempting to put a high price on your house when you only get one chance to sell it. Research the selling prices of similar houses in your area and how long they have been on the market. Before closing on the sale, your buyer’s bank will perform an appraisal. Your sale may be canceled if the home’s appraised value is lower than the price you are selling it for. Your real estate agent should be able to give you the best advice on fair home pricing in your area!

Advice before selling your house

Hire a Trusted Real Estate Agent

Selling your home on your own is easier than ever in the technology age, but that doesn’t mean the process is a simple one. Your agent has spent hours researching local laws and regulations, so they are more than just an expert in their field. They’re the ones that put the “real” in real estate!

advice before selling your house

Although you may be able to save some money selling your home on your own, you might end up having to pay a lot more if you miss anything in the paperwork you have to sign. A real estate agent can save you a lot of money and is highly recommended over doing it all by yourself!