Yes, that’s me, and if you’ve come this far, your inquiring mind wants to know! So here begins the commercial.


As a young person, I never considered real estate as a career choice; it wasn’t even on the radar screen. I knew the stereotypes about REALTORS®, and they weren’t pretty! I didn’t picture myself in spike heels, fur coats, diamonds, and 3 piece business suits driving a luxury car. Oh, but my stereotypes were wrong!

My venture into real estate began in the early 90’s when I viewed a zero down real estate infomercial. I wasn’t naive enough to expect to be a millionaire overnight by buying and fixing houses, but the idea of buying and selling for profit intrigued me. My husband and I had successfully remodeled several homes. Why not give this program a try?

The first financial partner I sought ended up hiring me to organize and manage his personal portfolio: 15+ housing units. I learned the value of rental property, of following housing rules, and of being wise in real property transactions without risking my own money. Under his employment, I obtained my real estate salesperson’s license and officially began my real estate career. My goal: to buy and sell properties for profit . . . for me, not an employer.

The next few years expanded my “practical” education in real estate to include more traditional avenues. The owner of The Realty Matrix, my second broker, became my investment partner in buying, fixing, and reselling distressed homes. The goal of buying and selling for profit was realized. It was hard work! During this time I discovered I really LIKED traditional real estate. Listing homes for sellers; showing homes to buyers; and assisting both through the piles of paperwork needed in real estate was my forte!

My goals refocused on more traditional real estate sales. I joined the local, state and National Association of REALTORS® and earned the right to use the term REALTOR®. I earned the GRI® (Graduate REALTOR® Institute) designation. My exposure to other REALTORS® chipped away the stereotypes I held of REALTORS®. They were hard-working people. I found I DID fit and that I didn’t have to wear furs and spike heels to compete. In fact, I discovered that most REALTORS® drove Camry’s and Civics (but they pay a lot for detailing!)!

Family responsibilities drew me back from St. Paul to Minneapolis to New Orleans LA. An exclusive buyers’ agency recruited me, and I made the business move to New Orleans. As an exclusive buyer’s agent (EBA), I learned the importance of client representation which was reinforced when I earned the designation CBR® (Certified Buyer Representative). My skills as a professional were refined while I expanded my client base. By the time I left that company, I had become a top producer and most of my business was coming from past client referrals.

As our children left the nest, my husband’s and my dream to buy an old Victorian to “rehab” before retirement was realized. Our beloved Cape Cod with its acre of suburban land, site of many family memories, was sold, and we moved to St. Paul. With the personal move, came my professional move back to The Realty Matrix. I’ve come full circle now with more refined goals: “rehab” my old Victorian for myself (scary as that may look); and provide EXCELLENCE WITH A SMILE for my real estate clients!