Staging a Home

Staging” is the term used to describe the changes made in your home to prepare it for sale.  Staging a home can be as simple as removing extra furniture and cleaning up or as complex as renting furniture and hiring a professional stager.

Getting Your Home Sold

With the competition in New Orleans real estate, many home sellers  go the extra mile to make their home stand out.  In addition, when staging a New Orleans home for sale, the photos that get disseminated all over the internet look substantially better.  With most home buyers starting their real estate search online, those photos of the home make a great first impression.

We all “live” in our homes just as many of us lounge in our pajamas when we’re home.  However, you would not apply for a job or pay increase in your pajamas!  Likewise, your house won’t recruit a new buyer or the best price in its pajamas!  Dressing your house in its best can sometimes be as simple as re-arranging furniture or cleaning windows.

There are some areas that have been ahead of the curve when it comes to staging such as Savannah GA.  Some of the top agents in Savannah have been on the cutting edge of staging homes for a quick sale.

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