A Website Is A Must

So many people go to the internet to answer their questions and solve their problems these days. Real Estate is no different.  Home Buyer’s and Home Seller’s will go to their internet 97% of the time when searching for homes per the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

If you are going to be an active, producing Real Estate Agent in today’s market, you must harness the world of technology.  Having a website used to be an option, now it is the norm.  After you have your professional website designed, up and running, it is time to put it to work for you.

Utilize Social Media

As a Real Estate Agent you will spend a lot of time on Social Media.  Interacting with other professionals in your industry, posting your listings for the world to see and even advertising Social Media Signyour open houses.  You want to be sure that your website has the links to your Social Media pages.  There is a wide selection of Social Media Icons to choose from, and they include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others.  Any place you can be on Social Media, you can find the icon and need to link it from your website. This will help get you to your goal of optimizing the results (the clicks) on your website.


Every day people are searching for a house to rent, how to sell their home fast, a home to buy, commercial property to invest in, and lots more.  The way to get these answers in front of them is through your website, through SEO.  A website, & utilizing Social Media, are the beginning of things that go together to build up your SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  To get people to your website, you need capitalize on the use of SEO. The use of SEO will get your page ranked higher on the results of a Google search, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.  SEO is doing everything to let Google know that YOUR page can answer the questions that are typed into the search box.

Here are 5 Tips For SEO Beginners

  1. Have a good, updated website. If you do not feel comfortable building a website, then absolutely hire a professional.  SEO will not matter one bit, without the website to optimize.
  1. Write so that the average person can read it and use the information.
  1. Use keywords, words that people would use in the search box. Ie: “How to Stage My Home To Sell”, “Should I Hire A Real Estate Agent?”, maybe the homes for sale in the geographical area that your work in.
  1. Share your content on Social Media (as mentioned above) 
  1. Link Inside  On each the pages on your website, try to  link to other pages on your website.
  1. Hire an SEO Professional. SEO is constantly changing and evolving.  It’s not overly expensive to utilize a good SEO expert and that could mean your site reaching the top, or not.  An SEO Professional knows the tweaks and “words” that can really impact your rankings.  To find a good SEO expert, ask for referrals from other website owners, or Google SEO Providers 🙂